A story that teaches the “Magic of Collaboration”.
Pink Dolphin Bullet
Pink Dolphin Bullet
Pink Dolphin Bullet
Pink Dolphin Book Cover
The simple prose and lyrical illustrations of this uplifting story inspire readers of every community.

An enchanting tale of two very different groups working together to make it through a troubling time.

Appealing equally to leaders and community members, grown-ups and kids.
“. . . The Pink Dolphin teaches us that our communities are better when we work together. . .”
Richard W. Riley Jr.
Former Secretary, US Department of Education and Governor of S.C.
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How it was conceived
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Adult and children sizes available.
A very special pod of dolphins, all colors of the rainbow, inhabit the waters surrounding a beautiful, historic town. But it is the Pink dolphin that holds a special place...
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Thomas McDermott-Post was eight years old when his good friend, Billy Keyserling, the Mayor of Beaufort, South Carolina, told him about the challenges of getting his community to forget their differences...
Pat Conroy, author of South of Broad, The Prince of Tides, The Great Santini

The nine year old writer, Thomas McDermott, returns to this theme in his charming new book The Pink Dolphin. The magic’s still there!
Haynes Johnson, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author

Read it and be inspired too.
Not long ago, while sitting on a swing at the local waterfront park, soaking up the warm sun and the cool sea breezes coming across the beautiful Beaufort River...
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To order this wonderful little book, for your friends and family, just click on our secure link below. Any organization, private corporations, government agencies, non-profits, adults and children will be inspired and enchanted with the “Pink Dolphins” story and the beautiful illustrations. This truly is a book for all us.
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