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Pink Dolphin leaping in rainbow
Not long ago, while sitting on a swing at the local waterfront park, soaking up the warm sun and the cool sea breezes coming across the beautiful Beaufort River, I was thinking about what an honor and responsibility it is to be the Mayor of my own hometown, Beaufort, one of the most historic cities in the country.

I was also pondering the challenges of leading the City Council and our community through the largest financial crisis of our generation. The part of my new job I did not anticipate when I ran for Mayor was how to inspire people to understand a need for their government to work differently from the way it has operated in the past. How to embrace, rather than fight, change.

Suddenly, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and saw my frient Thomas, an eight year old and a very wise young man, standing at my side. We began talking and in terms I hoped a third grader could grasp, I explained to Thomas the need for all of us to work together through the financial storm and into an uncertain future. I told him my challenge was to inspire a community that would either fight the changes or pull together to work through them. Thomas nodded and gradually our conversation turned to a boat passing by or a bird flying above.

A few days later, Thomas’s answer to my questions arrived over the internet via email. It appears Thomas got my point and wrote the following story which helped me, and hopefully others who read it, to understand how we must move forward to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Billy Keyserling
Mayor of Beaufort, South Caronlina
Mayor Billy and Thomas read the “Pink Dolphin” together.
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