The development of The Pink Dolphin, a “collaboration about collaboration” is brought to you by an eight year old student, a 61 year old small City Mayor and an 83 year young illustrator.
Billy Keyserling reads the Pink Dolphin with Thomas
The primary author, Thomas McDermott-Post was 8 years old when he wrote this book with Mayor Billy. Thomas enjoys reading, movies and art. He would like to be an archeologist or an actor when he grows up. As a native Beaufortonian, he is active in his community and takes a great interest in the challenges that face his family, friends and neighbors. He hopes that this book will remind people of the need to appreciate our differences and the strength we can have when we all work together.

The illustrator, Bill Dula was born, and for the most part, raised in New York City. He and his wife Marie have retired to Beaufort, where he continues to paint and draw, winning several awards in the area for his art. His career highlights include assignments with many prestigious publishers, and a contact with NBC TV Network News, doing hundreds of illustrations for the Huntley-Brinkley and Nightly News shows. He is a member of the Society of Illustrators and has been published in their Annuals, as well as having been featured in many galleries, museums and publications. His talents have also been used as a courtroom sketch artist.

The instigator and collaborator of this tale, Billy Keyersling’s grandfather arrived in Beaufort, SC in 1888, after fleeing Tsarist Russia. Since that time the Keyserling family have been leaders in the community, running successful businesses, providing healthcare for the poor and serving in elected positions from the County Council to the SC House of Representatives. Billy was elected Mayor of Beaufort in 2008. In the last 20 years he has served on the County Council, the State Legislature and many community and civic organizations. With a challenging economic climate and a changing city, Billy is excited to continue the legacy of public service his family has instilled in him, and to help the City of Beaufort work together to both keep our sense of community and work together for Beaufort’s future.
Mayor Billy and Thomas read the “Pink Dolphin” together.
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