“. . . The Pink Dolphin teaches us that our communities are better and stronger when we all respect each other and work together for the benefit of all. . .”Richard W. Riley, Jr. Former Secretary, US Department of Education and Governor of S.C.  
Billy Keyserling and Thomas Mcdermot-Post
A very special pod of dolphins, all colors of the rainbow, inhabit the waters surrounding a beautiful, historic town. But it is the Pink dolphin that holds a special place in the hearts of the local shrimpers, who often throw her treats and think that seeing her brings good luck. The Pink dolphin likes the humans, but her colorful pod mates think she is foolish for being friends with people. They warn her that humans mean trouble and it is best to stick to those of your own kind. When a dangerous storm approaches, threatening them all, can she convince the others to help the struggling shrimpers, or will the dolphins just choose to take care of themselves? Can cooperation and trust forge new friendships for everyone? What happens when a wise Mayor, an even wiser eight year old boy, and a talented artist get together to tell a story about collaboration and cooperation? An enchanting tale emerges of two very different groups working together as a community to make it through a troubling time. The simple prose and lyrical illustrations of this uplifting story inspire readers of every community to remember that working together is the only way for success during challenging times. Appealing equally to leaders and community members, grown-ups and kids, The Pink Dolphin is sure to become a classic - the ultimate way to get a simple but important message across to readers everywhere.
Thomas and Mayor Billy talk about the challenges of pulling people together to work through tough times.
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The 8 year old Author
Pink Dolphin and Shrimper
Thomas McDermott-Post was 8 years old when his good friend, Billy Keyserling, the Mayor of Beaufort, South Carolina, told him about the challenges of getting his community to forget their differences and work together during these difficult times. Thomas had an idea for the Mayor, which resulted in this wonderful and whimsical tale of a special dolphin, and what she had to teach to her community.
The Pink Dolphin making new friends with the shrimpers.
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What people are saying
This is a beautiful story with a child's clear message. We adults can learn so much from our children. The Pink Dolphin teaches us that our communities are better and stronger when we all respect each other and work together for the benefit of all.

Richard W. Riley, Jr. Former Secretary, US Department of Education and Former Governor of South Carolina
The Pink Dolphin appears to be a book for children. It's much, much more than that. This lovely, inspiring little book addresses the current divisive national climate that makes it so hard for America to accomplish anything in all our interests--and to unite in bringing us together for the good of all. Beautifully illustrated, and written with a simple eloquence, it's a book for all Americans at a critical moment for the country. Read it and be inspired too.

Haynes Johnson, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author
Collaboration and cooperation are two important elements of building community, particularly when facing the challenges and of change. Mayor Billy Keyserling of Beaufort vividly illustrates these two important characteristics by enlisting a 9-year-old to write and an 83-year-old to illustrate a beautiful little book with an important universal message relevant to young and old alike. In many ways similar to The Little Engine That Could, The Pink Dolphin is a must read for government and civic leaders faced with the challenges of today.

Miriam Hair, Executive Director, Municipal Association of SC
In my 1986 novel, The Prince of Tides, I wrote about a white porpoise that I saw twice as I crossed the bridge that led to Harbor Island. I was a senior at Beaufort High School and the sightings had a magical, nearly sacred, feel to them. The shrimpers called the porpoise Snow, Carolina Snow, Peaches, and Pink. The nine year old writer, Thomas McDermott, returns to this theme in his charming new book The Pink Dolphin. The magic’s still there!

Pat Conroy, author of South of Broad, The Prince of Tides, The Great Santini
Green Dolphin
Pink Dolphin
Blue Dolphin
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